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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

"Awberah" n "Kodet" n LSD "Long Silent Day" n "Radio Tzara"

czech band broke up in 2010.

Grab the other 3 tracks here,
- - - - "Kodet"- - -
I honestly cant remember where I picked up these 4 track's.

Another czech band using post-punk and Samples.
There's also a beautiful solo piano piece.

Grab them here,
- - - -
"Long Silent Day" LSD
Guess where these guys are from ?
 Psychedelic Jamming's.

14 tracks across 2 Albums.
Get it here,
Mamamrdamaso.org_-_"Long Silent Day"_-_LSD_
- - - -

"Radio Tzara"
Named after 'Tristan Tzara' one of the founder's of the hyper-realist Dada movement.
A kind of Warhol imitation of life from the sharp end.
Very Mathy sounding at times
With 'Spoken Samples'

Grab All ten track's here,
Mamamrdamaso.org_-_"Radio Tzara"
( that's Enjoy in czech )
Not stripe.

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