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Friday, 15 November 2013

"Pou Tre"

"Voglio di piu"
( "I want more" )
"Pou Tre" ( 'Power Be' in french, because this trio is from Arles in France )
or "Pou Tre" could mean , 'For Very' in Italian, because the latest Album is titled in Italian.

2006 saw the formation of this trio,
 'Francois Serment' - Bass,
'Willy Massolo' - Drums, and
'Stephane Guillouzouic' - Guitar.
The Excellent "Boom Boom Rikordz" has the latest 10 track
album available to Buy in Green Vinyl or download FREE. jez here,
for the Biography ( in french) go here, where you will also find link's to the Previous 2 releases
"Escalade" - 11 tracks first LP, and a split single.
http://www.boomboomrikordz.fr_-_"Pou Tre"

"Jouir de" or maybe,

jouir de

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