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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

"Grumpf Quartet"

"Grumpf Quartet" blogged last April, have moved up a gear.
2 New tracks, have been added to the 2 that were on the Soundcloud.

They have been packed up into an EP "Qur tal Muerta",
( Such Dead),
which can be yours for Name your Price.
The original 7 track album is still on Jamendo,
SEE rest of old post below.

The self titled release by                   'Grumpf Quartet',
 is for those hardy enough to encounter some
vibrant Noise/Math Rock
From Pardelle France
Gabi, and
lay down some unpredictable tunes, proving to the listener that they at least
are 'Tuned' to the moment.
The website label Jamendo is making it possible for you to get this 7 track album,
Absolutely FREE.
Where it says Albums -It's the Down Arrow you want to click on.
http://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/351980/ "grumpf-quartet"
This is actually not that harsh, but rocks pretty straight and steady.
No bit's where you find yourself waiting for a bad run to finish.
Good stuff and there's a bit more to listen to on their
2 tracks from the latest release.-Not neccessary--SEE TOP.
jOuir de

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