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Sunday, 10 November 2013

"Say Domino" and "I Smell Blood Split.

ReBlog of  Ontario band,
"I Smell Blood"

Above is the cover of a Split Release with "Say Domino"
Back in   March 2013

I Smell Blood released,

"Your Epidermis is (Sh​)​owing"
(Pictured below),
They can both be yours for a name your Price,

This Bass and Drum duo from London (Ontario) Near Detroit, call themselves'
  "I Smell Blood"
Some excellent post hardcore style Instrumental Math.
Their Album entitled
 "Your Epidermis is (sh)owing" can be picked up by applying
your computational skills, and Deciding what you can afford.
and while listening why not give the
faRcebook_-_'I Smell Blood'_
a look,
 and see if there's a chance to go see them play.
"Say Domino"
also from Ontario,
Psychedelic, garage, alternative,
a pretty groovy sound, and a nice complement to the Instrumental madness of "I Smell Blood"

5 more tracks can be Downloaded from the
"Say Domino" bandcamp page,
in addition to the 2 on the split, after the break,


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