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Monday, 11 November 2013

"Yaine Ya" Dbl Dwnld.

Above is the cover from the NEW      "CD 2"
  "Yaine Ya" album 

"CD 1"

 "Albumine Album"
2 CD download's-- the Links for which have come from their VK.Com site.
(( Thee Russian Social [not antisocial] Networking site))
"Yaine Ya"_-_"Albumine Album CD 1"
"Yaine Ya"_-_"Albumine Album CD 2 " 
If these links should run out,
there are alternate ZIP links above the Original Download link.
 You may remember I blogged "Yaine Ya" from 'Kazan' back in April.
and the Release of
 "Good Bad Lee Lee, but the World will no longer be what it used to "

 A whole bunch of stuff on their russian VK.com site. ((Thee Russian Networking Site))

Plenty Video's and Friend Bands music to check out.
For the ZIP links, 
 scroll down the right hand side to the bit titled Documents-[Just below the 20 Video's shown]
and you can Download the two NEW CD's for Free.
as well as the  83 MB "Good bad lee lee" album.
Excellent Quality Math Rock.
They also have now their own website that has Links to the Video's and stuff. here,
Math Rock??---from the site's blurb,
"""YaineYa""" - both the product and the performance of actions.
 The law of contradiction with the aid of 6 strings, drums and sometimes four votes.
Sensual material covered by the "I" , and built on the degree of clear consciousness.
 Incidentally, to help maybe Place these guy's
They played alongside Yawn Hic,

Blogged Before Ouspenskyfallexo.blogspot_-_yawn+hic

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