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Saturday, 28 September 2013

"Fire Bush" and "Hilkka"

"A Forbidden Love"

This is the Demo of the Band that 'WAS' "Fire Bush"
This Boston Group appear to have dissapeared completely.
I've done some searching by name around likely spots, and Nada.
Scott Michael - Guitars, Vocals,
Mark Arruda - Guitar, Vocals, Bass,
Kevin Fernandes, Bass, vocals, Drums,
Josh Nierodzinski - Drums, and
Mike Brunetto - Organizer of Files and Mixer.
Have they Gone on to do something as good, or maybe even better.
Nobody Knows !
Grab the EP "A Forbidden Love" for FREE, 
and Thanx to the Boston Lads.
"Fire Bush"_-_Bandcamp_-_"A Forbidden Love"

Rochester 'New York'
Nuuj Von Rock, Guitar,
Alex Schmidtt, Bass, and
Joe Tunis, Drums.
A little like slint, for fans of Unwound,
You can Download the whole album
"In cooperation With Gravity"
From the last.fm site, here,
Lastfm_-_"Hilkka"_-_"In cooperation with Gravity"
enjoy and if you want some more, it may be a good idea
to visit the iHate the 90's blog, jez below,
There's a rough Bio of the group on
so all thats left to do is,

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