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Saturday, 31 August 2013

"Carved Up"

From Bucks County and West Chester, Pennsylvania, Appear!
"Carved Up"
In July 2010 they released 6 tracks of excellent Instrumental Post//Math Rock.
entitled "Lights Out"
As you can hear on the track above.
Then in December 2011 came the 'Brothers' release on which somebody called J Gross
entered the studio,
 and proceeded to 'SHOUT' over the top of the music.
But dont despair,
August just passed sees the release of a two tracker, called,
"Oksana my Mule"
and the Music is allowed to take centre stage, on the 2nd track at least.
 Its on the bandcamp for Name your Price,
along with the previous releases.
"Carved Up"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Lights Out"
If you interested in possible Gig times,
catch up with the latest about,
J Cooper,
N Norvilas, and
T J schilling,
on the Farce,
farcebook_-_"Carved up"_-_band

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