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Saturday, 31 August 2013

"Sea Monkey See"

This tasteful bunch of guys are from
Los angeles, according to the bandcamp, they are,
 Richard Ray (Sea Monkey) - drums, vox
Ricky Rodriguez (Boy Genius) - guitar, vox, and,
Tyler Mccarthy (Alpaca Bull) - bass, vox
Really good  sounding math rock, with a whole bunch of tags thrown in
like a bunch of bananas.
5 tracks on the Name Your Price, (some people do). jez below,
"Sea Monkey See"_-_Bandcamp_
only on the Farce since April, but still Go See,
farcebook_-_"Sea Monkey See"
Just a little Advice,
Go to "newnoisearchives.blogspot.com"_-_Holow ran"
it's one of the blogs on the right hand side,
and "Hollow Ran" is very good indeed.

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