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Sunday, 29 September 2013

"Common Deflection Problems"

Antonio Iannola,
Gianpiero Cacace, and
Mario Noviello.
It is a band without musical references. They prefer not to be entrapped in any particular musical style, even if it could be said that the irregular rhythm and melodies let us understand that they are familiar with mathematics.
Originally from Naples Italy,
Lived in England for four years, then moved to Barcelona,
Picture above from April 2011 CDP EP,
Back in March 2012 they released,
"We all play Synth" which you can have by Nameing Your Price,
"Common Deflection Problems"_-_Bandcamp_-_"We all play Synth"
there's a well Updated farce book.
where tonight's Gig with,
"Io Monade Stanca"_-_Bandcamp
is advertised , giving you an idea where their music fits in
Jon Ra wise,
farcebook_-_"Common Deflection Problems"

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