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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Johnny Zombie

Johnny Zombie are from Boyarka, in the "Ukraine", with,
Kuzia Danchenko: on guitar

Laslo Grischenko: playing bass , and
Kiria Svirid: bashing the drums,
they formed in 2010.
They fuse elements such as Art, Post, Prog, Psychedelic, Chaotic, Ambient, (rock)
sometimes all in the same song .
That great picture above is from their 2011 release,
'Travoiadernoe oruzhie' which doesnt appear to translate--until,
' Трава Ядерное оружие'  which means, "Grass Nuclear Weapons"

Later in 2011 they then releaesd
"The Bottom of the Infinite Reflections"

You can pick up both at the 'Johnny Zombie' bandcamp
also the link to the Farce,

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