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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Samples in Math two

"Where do all these Samples come from??"
'I'll tell you where, the Future'
"So where is it huh"
Another selection of samples from TV radio and film expertly inserted into various tracks of a Math-rock nature and type.
(not by me, I hasten to add).

"Six Horse" featured in the 'Spoken Vocal Mix' there is an album and 7" link in tracklist.

Of special note are
from Germany, who are featured on an Last-Fm site where you can find an Album for track by track Free Download, their use of a Sample from "Repo-Man" is incredibly good.
Also Adolina--and --Bewilder--may be Brand New to your Ears.
and last Spaceonaut, with atrack that seems to have dissapeared from the net since I found it.
But despair not, add it to the free EP on the Spaceonaut link!!
Open neW fiLe----

1. Adolina --- Tumult---

2. Saltillo --- A Simple test-

3. Colt --- retro fuck up-- {A rare example of a LASTFM FREE Album Download}

4. Bearbaiting--- The Overlook --FREEBIe plus NEW--Live--

5. Bewilder -- The most you ever lost on a coin toss --FREEBY--

6. Obstacles --- Constructing Situations--NEW EP Oscillate--FREEBY---

7. Planets -- -Simple Men--FREEBYS---

8. Six Horse -- A momentary suspension of belief--FREEBY--

9. Spaceonaut --A Smart man used to tell me about stars and stuff--FREEBY--
((the track featured here, I can no longer find anywhere))

and the bythegrcofgd, linx,
4 Shared,

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