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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

"Reveille" Lisa Durox and Francois Virot "Alligator"

Reveille is
Lisa Duroux, and
Francois Virot, from Lyon, France.
The above track is the Title track from the 2010 release
"Time and Death"
you can pick it up from clappingmusic Bandcamp page for name you price,
"Clappingmusic_Bandcamp_-_"Time and Death"
Look to the Top of the page and you'll see,
The album on the right,
"Broken Machines" which will set you back
7 Euro's.
Reveille have a Farce Book, ici,

In addition to 'Reveille'
Francois, has also released under his own name,
and with the noise synth sounding
"Clara Clara"
Four releases to date the last two, 2007's,  'AA' and the '2010',
"Comfortable Problems",
 you'll have to buy or search for.

Dont, However, despair because there is the 2005 Self titled Album
and the 2006 4 track "J'taime" EP, both available for
"FREE""ClaraClara_-_Bandcamp_-_"Je taime"
and here is the Francois Virot Website.
-sites-google_"Francois Virot"/blog

Alligator are,
Lisa Duroux, from 'Reveille' ,above and,
Elizabeth Hargrett. 

The 5 track Album you can pick up for FREE over here,
"We are Alligator"_-_Bandcamp_
Lisa has a website with links, Info, and ARtwork.


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