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Thursday, 16 May 2013


Herpes Maker,

Isaac are from Epernay and Lausanne in France and Switzerland respectively.
Batterie (drums) : Nicolas Brisset
Guitare (guitar): J.Christophe Urbain
Basse (Bass): Erwan Thomas
Playing alongside bands like
'Moller Plesset' and,
"one lick less",
 Isaac play a kind of math that owes it's inspiration more to the
abstract existentialist noise movement than to midwest hardcore.
But Math rock it most definately is.
Get the fun titled 'Herpes Maker' FREE at the Isaac bandcamp page, jezz below,
Isaac noise music_-_bandcamp_-_Herpes maker_
and check out the,
Farcebook_ISaAC_    for a tour schedule,
 that last year included the
"Reims" Pacemaker NOV 2012 festival,
that featured 25 bands, each of which you can have aN evaluating listen to by
downloading the Festival Sampler, jezz,
One Lick less?


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