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Thursday, 12 September 2013

"Thinking Machines"

 Sean wolfe drums,
Nate king guitar,
Marcus epler, guitar and vocals,
Cody brown, bass and vocals
from 'Philadelphia'
"Tank Kite Sky Maze"
pictured above is going for a Name Your Price,
along with the 2002 "Dream in Lo-Fi"
the more Up To Date stuff you will have to BUY or hunt for.
"A Complete Record of Urban Archaeology" 2 bucks.
Very good Value.
This is what  Post Hardcore can sound like if it starts to search among it's prog and rock Root's.
Different from the average, with enough character to Stand Out from the rest.
Start at the beginning and ,
 "Thinking Machines"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Dream in Lo-Fi"
Oh yeah almost forgot,
THE farcebook_-_"Thinking Machines"
where you would//May find news of a NEW track by
Math Legends
"Soundcloud_-_mergerecords_-_"Polvo"_new-track_"Total Immersion"

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