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Thursday, 31 October 2013

"Orchesta Panico"

From "Ourense" in North West Spain, 'Santiago de Compostella' direction.
David Soprano and Carlos le Grand.
Two guys who in various Guise
have appeared on the BLOG before.
Perhaps you remember
ouspenskyfallexo"Me and the Hedgehog"
or maybe,
This time in an Incarnation consisting of,
 Sr.Mateo (Drums, Organ, Percussions, Good vibes)
David Soprano (Guitar, Mind Expanding, Reverb Master)
Carlos el Grande (Bass, Magic Heartbeats)
Montaña Muerte (Synths, Percussions, Circuit Bending, Time Travel)
Druso (Synths, Wall of Sound, Bagpipe keyboard)
Two 3 track EP's one of them a high quality Live recording can be your's
for a Named Price by YOU.
The top EP is advertised at 4 euro's but try downloading the individual tracks thus,
"Orquesta panico"_-_Bandcamp_track_'Mole rise and Shine'
and it will be time to ,
E_ _ _ _.
and of course the Farce,
farcebook_-_"Orquesta Panico"

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