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Friday, 25 October 2013

"Peach Pit" LIVE Hi Quality Recording.

"Peach Pit" a threesome from 'Zagreb', Croatia, have been blogged about just recently, here,
What makes this live recording special is the Quality of recording and Playing.
The dynamism of early Piglet, combined with the technical Excellence of 'Honey for Petzi'
Three of the tracks featured in this Live recording were released on the SUPERNOVA 2
split,Pictured above,
 the Peach Pit songs of which you can Download for FREE, along with a whole lot of other stuff
on their BANDCAMP, "Peach Pit"_-_Bandcamp_
take a listen,

I found this File on an excellent Blog called 'I've made you a tape_-_Blogspot', here,
The Peach Pit Recording appears to be the only Math Rock, but the Noise Tag looks worth exploring.
Grab the mediafire link. 
No Farce forPeach Pit, but they do have a place for Mice,

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