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Monday, 18 November 2013


Im surprised I havent blogged 'BearBaiting' already,
then I notice they appeared on the
Ouspenskyfallexo.blogspot_-_"Samples in Math two"_Mix.
( try the Get.It link, they seem to stay active the longest, or the 4Shared )
There's an original Self titled EP that came out in DEC 2011,
and also a Live recording containing 3 tracks not on the earlier EP.
Both are Name Your Price.
Another Reason Im posting NOW, is for the benefit of my many american readers.
And a  nice Email I got today,
informing me of the 25 November Gig in LA.
5 Buck's entry if you Go through the farcebook page.
BearBaiting will be playing alongside "Good Chums" and the promising sounding,
"Moving Structures"_-_Bandcamp_-_The last of light love_
OK, and the link,

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