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Saturday, 25 January 2014


Was you waiting in this slow cold january for some New good music ?

Wait no Longer,
are here; and GONE.
apparently now broke Up.
Miniwatt have left in their wake some 1st rate tunes.
Starting with a DEmo in 1996,
The 11 track 'Rectifiers' followed in 2000, with,
"Assimilated" one year later,
The Above release "I cant stand waiting for it" came out in
Theres a page that list's ALL their shows from 1997 to January 2005, here,
and ALL their releases are Up for FREE Download, here,

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derek gaines said...

Twinz, looking to contact you about a new record I released -- you've mentioned our last one on here before.

Email jerkagram@gmail.com.