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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

"Screen Wives"

Corey, and
from London.
--We're Screen Wives. We used to be Spite House. We live around London, play noisy awkward punk rock that sounds a bit like Bluetip/Jawbox/Cinemechanica and we want to play for YOU.
 All that remains for YOU to do is head over first to the Bandcamp, for that important,
"Price Naming Ceremony"
"Spite house band"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Screen Wives"
and then 'Second' click through the matrix to the  -'Soundcloud'-  page
for a couple Extra Extra rough and Ready for FREE download tracks.
((Spite Fence,
Elocution test # 1,
Thanks let's fuck,
Blubeard rehearsal,
Flirt rehearsal, and,
Just a throat )))
All sounding Good,

https://soundcloud.com_-_"Screen Wives"
and cant forget the farce,
fartcebook_-_"Screen Wives"
((zuckermans a sell out pussy))

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