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Friday, 14 March 2014

"Margy Pepper" Update. and East Coast Tour.

"Deep Water Dark Water"
is the New 6 track EP from 
"Margy Pepper"
 A fine use of Multiple vocals.
A raw and exuberant sound from the guitars.
 and the three girls would like you to have their first release,
"No Boys No Bass" for FREE.
Furthermore, they are offering you the chance to Name Your Price !!.
concerning the earlier ,
"Golden Webs" July 2012,
and the NEW, linky,
"Margy Pepper"_Bandcamp_"Deep Water Dark Water"
no farce book, but there is a "Margy Pepper"_-_Tumblr.com/
Enjoy.and check out the TOUR start's end of March.
"Margy Pepper"_-_tumblr_-_"East coast Tour Dates"

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