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Monday, 3 March 2014

"Ten Past Seven"

From Killarney 'Ireland'  but now based in Cork and Dublin,
Matt, Bass,
Ger on Drums, and
Rory, on Guitar,
play experimental Math, which means I was going to say Straight Ahead Math,
but it's a bit more than that.
Pictured and Playing above is a track from the 2012 "onehundredandfiftydegrees"
There's a very Experimental 5 track release from 2010 called "Bothar Bui"
which translate's as "Yellow Road". Name your Price as is the one above.
Also a single from a split put out in 2011.
The three track "Black Box Recordings" are Free, in fact the only thing for compulsary sale is the
2 pound 2011 "Shut up your Face". Grab what you can for Free etc, here,
"Ten past Seven"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Onehundredandfiftydegrees"
and a Farce,
farcebook_-_"Ten-Past Seven"

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