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Thursday, 24 April 2014

"Lucent// Say I AM"

One man Band,
Joseph Nicely.
One man Band,
 Sturvn Orstrorsk
"Penguin for the sake of Penguin"
Columbus Ohio.
Name Your Price,
14 tracks ,
1 Album, 2 player's,  but presented as being a Split album.
A Varied mix of stuff, occasional vocals.
Straight UP Math.
Something for Everyone from a Duo of  Solo Artist's.
Grab it here,
From Lucent there was an earlier 3 track release last June called Scintilla, as well as a single track to check.
all at the above Bandcamp Link.
And From "Say I AM" an EP released back in 2011. 
A more acoustic indie feel from the Say I AM, solo. check that out Here,
"Say I Am"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Shades"_EP  
Make sure to Visit Both Facebooks, where there is an interesting Post about How Farce Book is
screwing with the Free Spreading of Post's.
it's on the 26th March.
and Here the Article he link's to,
is there an alternative.
and the Say I AM farce,
Whats the matter with  making  the Bandcamp Name Your Price, E:Mail update a regular NewsLetter.
I love getting the Bandcamp Email Update's, even if they
are for Concert's the other side of the world.
Go ahead people screw Sucker-Man farce book.


Joseph Nicely said...

Hey, Lucent here, thanks a ton for posting this! (I found this through my bandcamp stats)

Just in case you didn't know, I didn't make this whole album - Say I Am (a fellow one man band and friend) made songs 8-13! Just making sure you're aware, songs 2-7 are the songs that I made. :)

twinz2z said...

Iv'e edited the Post , but will leave the comment's so everyone can see what a dumb ass I am.
(too much time wasted on youtube)

Joseph Nicely said...

It's all good, homie! ^_^