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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

"Uppercut" NEW

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MAN. Check out this JAM.

 MATH, Stoner, Jam, Post Rock,
From "Ourense" in Spain, all the way to the west near Santiago De Compostella,
David, Oscar and Carlos, provide some tasty Jam's that change pace from slow/steady to the 
crescendo, skillfully and without the listener feeling that a formula is being followed.
You can pick up the first Self Titled album "Uppercut" and the NEW
"Crujida" translate's as "Crunched"
 For a Name YOUR PRICE at the Uppercut Bandcamp,
((Sube Sube translates as 'Rises Up'))((an UpperCut,--get it?))
They also have a --Farce Book-- Here,
and DONT Forget
Oscar and Carlos, used to be in the band 
MATH-- Me and the Hedgehog. POST here.
Ouspenskyfallexo_-_"Me and the Hedgehog" 
You Will,
You Must,

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