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Sunday, 25 May 2014

"El Tercer Semestre" + Cat Compilation

"El Tercer Semestre"
  hail from Sabadell which is a short step away from Barcelona.
A trio playing Instrumental Math Rock, you can find their album
for Descargeur Gratuit---( Free Download's)--((down the right hand side)) GO here.---
Just Click on the IMAGE.
Legal download from Aloud Music - "#TenderTropic" of El Tercer Semestre:

Ricardo Garrido, Joan Monterde, and Josep Palume,
also have a Farcebook, here,
And//Or you can check them out and BUY // Donate    Euro's 2·99
"El Tercer Semestre"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Tender Tropic"

Just Noticed this Rather GOOD FREE Compilation,
"Temple of the Cat"
Is Released as a NAME YOUR PRICE Compilation, with ALL MONEY going to Animal Shelter Charity.

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