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Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Thought I'd Repost this Italian Band, because the Artwork reminded me of Double Dragon; See Below.

Hailing from Catania in Italy, "Trioclit" are 2 members of "Diane and the Shell",
Emanuele Venice> Guitar, Keyboards, Voices--and
Alex Munzone> Drum, Percussion, Glockenspiel, Whistle,
and they are joined by,
Giuseppe Schillaci> Bass, Keyboards, Voices
Very energetic and Noisy fun Math.
"Doremillaro"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Trioclit"_-_"Ti Tiro un Pugno sul Muso"
 A small but Quality label, "Doremillaro". has a Free to Download 'Sampler'-
(Red background-House on fire)

The Download for "Trioclit" is 'Pay what you want' but other than the sampler most stuff-
(AUX-Diane and the shell Both worth Buying,are Pricey) 

The album title by the way means.
 "Ti Tiro un Pugno Sul Muso"
You pull a punch on the snout.

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