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Sunday, 12 October 2014

"Het Drost Effect"

Already featured ,
"Het Droste Effect 
were a trio, but now consist of the Dynamic DUO,
 -"Hermann Blaupunkt", and
-"Thompson Dube",
from Eindhoven in Holland.
The NEW Release ,
"Random X Maybe" 
is a single that Features 'Glenn Peeters' from,
"Radar men from the Moon"
see Above.
the single is FREE,
along with,
"Het Drste Effect" S/t Apr 2011,
"Lingerland" May 2012,
"We are all Hallucinating" FEB 2014
"Het Droste Effect"_-_Bandcamp.com/
and or visit them on the farce,
farcebook_-_"Het Droste Effect""
They Played  a Huge Looking Festival in 'Eindhoven' in JUNE alongside
"Wooden Shjips" and many other's,
Look up their Farcebook and go and see them if possible.

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