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Sunday, 16 November 2014


Remember "Caddywhompus" ?
From New Orleans,
BUT will they be Just as GOOD as I remember they were ?
Why YES,
Yes they ARE, and It's FREE !!
You Can get the Rest of their Stuff FREE, see Below,
Caddywomp have a pretty unique sound,
 a little  bit frantic and lot's of fun.
Check out their live (excellent quality) Video of "Congo Half Mask"  onthe U-Tube, (June 2009).
Fear not,
 they tour extensively, as you can see on the Blog Page, that you can link to from the Free Download's page, over at
Lot's of good stuff, including their 2012  "Mazes Demo's", and a couple other link's (read the Blog post_-_for a demo download recorded with
the guy's from"Fiasco"

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