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Monday, 9 February 2015

"Bearcubbin" NEW,

NEW 6 tracks of Remixes,
Collected together in a handy single Name Your Price Bundle by Irish Company
"Little League Records"
Pick it up jez below.

The above track was featured on the
"Bearcubbin" Jewels and the Wallwalkers Split in 2010.
There is a remix of it on the JUNE 2013
"Get your Remix out"_-_"Bearcubbin"_-_Bandcamp_
available for Name your price, along with the 3 other releases.
((Now all collected together )) (edit)
"Live from the Bearpit"-2009-
the split with Jewels and the Wallwalkers,-2010- and
Get your heavies out,-2011-
Chris Scott ,
Patrick Dougherty, and
Mike, from beaverton Oregon,
check out the farce book, where a Full Legth album was mentioned in JUNE,
and September shows can be looked into.
Chris scott and Patrick dougherty, by the way,
 use to play in a band, featured on the blog before called,
"Ouspenskyfallexo_-_"The Jezebel Spirit"
lots to  ENJOY.

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