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Monday, 30 March 2015

"Old Brown" were "Horse"

From Allentown, Pennsylvania,
Bit Old ,
2000, in fact,
Consisting of ,
Chris Taylor- guitar and vocals 
Dan McGonagle- drums and loudmouth ---Who went on to form "HORSE" below,
Tyler Hedglin- guitar and vocals 
Jim Reebok Raffensperger- bass 
7 tracks for FREE,
"Old Brown"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Old Brown S T "

 just a short ride away in Pennsylvania, are Galloping!.
Their album 'Housebreaker' is up for free on bandcamp and also has that drum/guitar
hoofbeat sound.
These two guys dont bother with vocals,
and citing Hella and Tera Melos as influence's you can hear why.
on their bandcamp page right Below. FREE,

saddle up and enjoy the ride.
here's a Farce,

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