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Monday, 20 April 2015

"Plug Doctors" NEW.

The "Plug Doctors" consist of two members of the Fairly Famous,
"New York Crasnals" you Might
Remember the excellent
"Women in Love , men in Uniforms"
Marcin Bialota, and
Michal Smolicki, (Brother of Jacek; N Y Crasnals Singer, I think)
they are joined by,
Lukasz Golemiec.
A pretty varied bunch of tracks,
flavour's of Indie, post rock, etc, a nice guitar sound as you'd expect from Crasnal players.
SO !
"Plug Doctors"
Have released an 8 track Lp back in 2010,
"In a Pill" more recently an EP titled
 "Uncharted Space"
 both of which you can download for FREE, Plus 
NOW also FREE,,
and the 'Plug Doctors' farce,

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