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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

"Monsters of the Antipodes" NEW

EP Entitled "Four Years and Heavy Horses"
Also Known as the 3 Tracks on the 
"This City Called Earth Split,
from just the other day.

I blogged about 'Greg Lewis' and 'Adam Segal' and their various musical Projects back in
July 2013, then agin for their Last release.
here, "Ouspenskyfallexo"_-_"Monsters of antipodes" n "Mcnulty"
bands include,
"Trees in the Sky", and
"Monsters of the Antipodes"
for which they are joined by,
"Alex Jimeson" on drums,
And furthermore who have just released a New 3 tracks for
Name your Price called,
"Four Years and Heavy Horses",  get it here,
"Monsters of the Antipodes"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Four Years and Heavy Horses"

see whats happening by 'Spying' on the farce,
fracebook_-_"Monsters of the Antipodes"

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