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Sunday, 18 August 2013

"Boogie Boarders"

After the 2010 release of 'Pizza Hero' which you can get from 'Famous Class' record label,
though it seems to be pretty available at the file search sites.
"Boogie Boarder" went on to release a 4 track EP titled
"Yikes" pictured above, in May 2012.
It appears that
Cyrus, and
Willie, from Brooklyn N.Y.-USA.
are no longer playing, though it's a bit hard to find out.
Here's their artist page at Famous Class records,
"Famous Class.com_-_"Boogie Boarder"
and here is the 4 track EP-Totally FREE.
"YIKES"_-_Boogie Boarder_-_Bandcamp_

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