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Thursday, 22 August 2013

"The Sun Hits"

From Hull in england.
from the bandcamp,
the Above playing single, "tear it out//The Fire.
'released 05 August 2013'
"Thank you: Liars, Lynx, Wugazi, Uzeda, Rodan, BEAK>, HEALTH, Don Caballero, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Jesus Lizard, Lightning Bolt, Total Control, and Mission of Burma."
Post hardcore,
Punk made as interesting as possible.
Very accessible sound, and all at Name your Price.
Solo project of
"Michael fox" though it's a bit hard to believe a full band isn't playing oftentimes.
The album "Thanks" was released in November 2011,
followed in May 2012 by the 3 track EP "Change"
get all three jez below,
"The Sun Hits_-_Bandcamp_-_"Thanks"
Dont bother with the Farce,
go straight to Mola Mola Records instead,
a label partly run by Michael, and full of links to other collaborations
and stuff.
"Mola Mola records".co.uk_Artist_"The_Sun_Hits"

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