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Saturday, 11 January 2014

"Api Uiz" and "Happy Wizz"

"Happi Wizz"
"Hapi Wiz"
"Api Uiz"

The NEW "Api Uiz",
"Cinq Cent Mille Euro's A mille Deux Cent's Degre's"
 thats not the Price but the Title,
( five hundred thousand Euros, and 1200 Degrees ) grab below,
FREE ! !
"Api Uiz"_-_Bandcamp_"Cinq cent mille euros a mille deux cents degr's" 
Enrique Vega,
Ian Saboya, and
Jorge Vega.
from Bordeaux // Paris.   

 Starting to make music in 1995, the first release by this noise punk band was back in 2000.
Titled "Musique brute, non travaillee, mais structuree"
 which translates as "Raw Music, not worked, but structured" Here's a Taste.

You can maybe hear some progression towards the more polished sound of the latest
album by the band, now having gone through two name changes.
But essentially the same punky noisy 'Abstract ART' made into music.
All 4 previous album's and Ep's can be had for "Telechargemont Gratuit"
that's FREE Download" here, from the Wonderful" Les Potagers Natures Web Label.
From 2000,
"Happi Wiz"_-_Musique Brute_non travailles_mais structuree_
here, the 2001
"Hapi Wiz"_-_"Au Grand Air"_2 track.
also here, 3 track from 2005,
"Api Uiz"_-_"De Merdre"
and the 2010 "Esthetique de la Fin" - "Aesthetics of the End"
"Api Uiz"_-_"Esthetique de la Fin"

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